As my primary occupation, I'm a full-time photographer, but with the recent "extra free time" caused by Covid, I've decided to invest myself in learning a new trade, and put both my technical & artistic sides to good use.  3D printing, although still considered being in the embryo stage, offered a good possibility of growth, and eased my need for a creative sideline.  I'm glad to offer my services, as a print shop for every day household niknaks, as well as a concept/design firm for your more complex industrial components.  

It's easy to see why 3D printing is by far the most cost-effective solution to obtaining prototypes and low/medium quantity complex parts. No other means can provide you with a part in hand, straight from an idea to a completed part, so quickly and at so little cost.
Remember, the only limit is your imagination

We're knowledgeable about the entire 3D workflow, including 3D design / Modeling, Scanning (Duplicating) and printing.
You have a model you'd like to have printed? We can do that for you in a broad range of colors & materials. 
Need something designed? We can do that too. Simply use the form in our Contact Us Page to request a quote.

Our prices are competitive, and rates usually based on the machines print  time, and the quantity/type of material is consumed. 
Custom design and 3D modeling, (file creation, if so required), is a separate fee, based on an hourly rate.

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